Nitro Cold Brew
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe OFT, steeped for a minimum of 20 hours and put on nitrogen for a delicious, creamy mouthfeel.
This has been a staple on our menu for years now. We sell it by the drink, the growler or the keg.

Fresh Fruit Smoothies
Many combos but the staple is strawberries with banana and apple juice. Always Non-Dairy.

Made with our Nitro Cold Brew and Whole Milk. Flavors have been known to include:
Butterbeer: Caramel and Toffee
Fluffhead: Marshmallow and Toffeenut
Mexican Mocha: with a spicy twist
Bananas Foster: Cinnamon and Vanilla

All Topped with Whipped Cream

Cafe de Olla
Coffee steeped in Brown Sugar and Cinnamon

Mac and Cheese on a Stick
How do you get Mac and Cheese on a Stick? Order one and find out

Topped with a Honey Sriracha Sauce

Fresh Market BLT
Fresh fish grilled and placed on a brioche bun with Lettuce, Tomato and Bacon with our soon to be not famous Roasted Poblano Aioli

Reuben Tacos
As a food truck we would do a massive disservice to our customers if we did not offer some tacos. Only problem is that our tacos are freshly made Rye Tacos with Fresh Cole Slaw, Pulled Corned Beef, Gruyere Cheese and Homemade 1,000 Island Dressing. Relax, you get two per order so you can share or not.

French Toast Sandwich
What diner is complete without some fat-kid food? The French Toast is soaked in an egg wash that includes nutmeg, cloves and vanilla accompanied by Bacon, a Hard Fried Egg and Cheese finished with a Maple Bacon Aioli

Thai Mussels
Prince Edward Island Mussels drenched in Coconut Milk, Fresh Basil, a Sweet Thai Chili Sauce and Fresh Lime Wedges

Char-Grilled Oysters
Char-grilled Oysters loaded with Lemon Zest, Parmesan Cheese and kissed by a Hot Lemon Butter Sauce