As I crest into my 6th year of this life in coffee; I’m often reminded of squandered opportunities, missed chances and bone crushing setbacks. I am not sure if that’s a blessing or a curse but it does keep me focused on the future. And again, the future is bright so I’m going to buy some more shades. I’ve never blogged before and I don’t know if I’ll keep up at it but so far in the last 100 words I feel good about this. I will assume one thing if you are reading and that is you know about The Loving Cup so I don’t think I need to take you on that journey. However we are veering into an unknown very soon; a small brick and mortar walk-up shop in St Augustine, FL. We are moving our whole kit and caboodle down to St Auggie, doggy! I’m super pumped about getting back to coffee. I’m excited to get into a new community. I’m excited to work along side Brendan, Jerry, Matt and Mike at the food truck park because they are all fantastic operators. I’m excited to see some of my staff from traveling want to hangout with me at the shop. In the next coming days and short weeks you will see a new-old menu, new business cards, new phone number. Just like The Love Boat, kids; this shit is exciting and new.

As for this blog, it has no direction and no pacing. I promise you this, I have seen enough in the last six years to give you PTSD and I’ve also been apart of something that has to had the feeling players get while hoisting a championship trophy or reeling in the big one or sinking the putt or even passing the exam (for my nerds!). I’m hoping to articulate some of that as a therapy for me and maybe as a learning tool for others. If you are trying to get our cold brew recipe though, stop reading ’cause it ain’t happenin’.

Grand Opening at Village Garden Food Truck Park is 12/15. Bring the fam. Come hungry. Come thirsty. #gimmelittledrink