The menu was worked out over five years of touring the country. Some things, we can’t shake if we wanted too. Some things got dropped faster than an MGK diss track. All told, I’m sticking to the classics and elevating the menu around it. From the scene in Jax to the amazing coffee we serve on the road, there is definitely a landing spot for The Loving Cup to not be “more of the same”. I have seen the coffee industry go BOOM in my hood. It’s been fun to watch, but the longer you watch it the more you realize that Jacksonville could possibly fall into a follow the leader style of coffee house. This is not a knock on the scene but more of a salute that a knock-off is the sincerest form of flattery. Do we do anything to set ourselves a part form the high-brow, know-it-all, hipster, trendy spots? I would argue… Oh Hell Yeah! In our area we are inundated with corporate coffee and niche houses. I do know the green apron. They do a lot for their employees, I used to be one 🙂 I don’t even knock the orange apron as I’m from the northeast and it’s a staple.

So what does set us apart from everyone else? I’d say it’s the environment. Coming from a food truck you really have to create a space that not only invites people but also a certain attitude. We love the rebels and the standouts, we accept weird and highly encourage it. Our patrons are really the business. That’s a bullshit catch-all used around the shops but man, it’s true af. We have seen people all over America that follow us from place to place. I don’t even think it’s because of the product (although I’m highly in love with our product), it’s because of the characters serving the product. Our emphasis has always been on service. My staff, bless each and everyone that has collected a check from us, has felt the seering burn of retribution upon not giving anything less than 100% to you. They will sleep for 4 hours a week working their tails off but the minute the tired and drowsy sets in and the guard is let down….back to reality they go. In short, you won’t get treated better anywhere else. I truly believe this. Damn, tangent much? Back to the menu!

You’ll see the standards…our Cafe de Olla, the Cafe Sua Da and our award-winning Butterbeer (Thanks Half-Cup!) but you will also see a turn to better crafted drinks. More single-origin creations and complimentary flavors. Not only will we have our Nitro Cold Brew but will offer a Single Origin Cold Brew as well as a Naturally Flavored Cold Brew. Think cinnamon sticks or Madagascar vanilla. We finally have the platform to let the coffee get crafted and that is so exciting. Working out of a tent all year long has its ups, for sure! You do tend to lose the nuance and focus especially our menu free to encompass food more so than coffee over the years.

I look forward to meeting you at the Village Garden Food Truck Park.